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Freedom Through Social Media Representation
Hey There! Want to join the family of professional influencers?

Being a Cotton Clout influencer means that you have a full time professional social media representation by our agency, that commits to work for your best interest. Similar to traditional talent agency that represent celebrities, we represent you, and connect you to top brands with whom you can execute amazing collaborations.

We help you create the most interesting and beneficial campaigns with top brands. With proficiency, we negotiate the possible outcomes, manage your relationships with brands, and take care of functional and legal operations, so you can concentrate to the most important thing, creating and posting interesting content to your followers. We do not only help you get financial gains through your social media channels, but help you in content creation, to grow your reach, and provide guidance on your path to an even more successful social media career. 


What we offer you


Is there anything cooler than having your own agency working for you? You don't have to waste your time communicating and contacting brands, negotiating deals and taking care of other business, we will do that for you. That means more interesting collaboration opportunities for you, and more time to create engaging content to your followers.


Get compensated from collaboration posts. You get to work with brands and get free products and monetary rewards, while doing what you love and engaging your audience. We connect the best-fit brands and influencers, and you always stay in control with who you want to work with.


We'll help you engage your followers and grow your reach.You know best what your audience loves, so you will always keep your creative freedom and work with the brands and content you prefer.

Ethical Environment

It is one of our core values to offer an open and fair environment for brands and influencers to work together. Consumers can trust that our influencers won't make any false claims, and collaborations are done according to regulations.


We offer you the possibility to connect with other Cotton Clout influencers online and through events. As a Cotton Clout influencer, you are part of a bigger community.


If you need any help regarding your social media accounts, we'll be there. We are here to help you succeed on your path to social media career.


Cotton Clout Practices

We aim to create a unique and close relationship with each one of our influencers. Once we know your interests, style and personality, we can connect you with the best-fit brands and help you make amazing collaborations with them. We keep our operations ethical in all aspects, and you work only with brands you personally like and are interested in. 

We suggest and offer collaborations to you, but that doesn’t bound you to work only with those brands. Cotton Clout influencers can still freely work with whoever they want. As your agency, brands will always contact you through us and we will negotiate campaign terms and the best deals for you. As your agency, we will guarantee professional communication that is open for you, and make sure that everything in the process goes as it should, and that both parties are pleased. 

Becoming a Cotton Clout Influencer doesn't cost you anything. Brands pay us a commission when we connect them with best most suited influencers. 


In a nutshell

Contact Us

Contact us and tell us little bit about yourself. Remember to include links to your social media channels (blog, Instagram profile etc.). The Cotton Clout team determines if you are a good fit to the Cotton Clout Family.

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Create your profile

Once you are accepted to the Cotton Clout family, you can fill your personal influencer profile. The better we know you, the better collaborations we can suggest for you.

Bottom Line

Once you are represented by Cotton Clout, you can start working with brands you love and benefit from collaborations, whilst we take care of the rest.

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Cotton Clout Family

We do not only help you to get financial gains through your social media channels, but help you with content creation, growing your reach, and provide guidance on your path to a social media career. We also help you connect with other members of the Cotton Clout Family, and organise yearly events where you can connect with brands and other influencers.

Feel free to get in touch for even more information. We look forward to hear from you!


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