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Cotton Clout is a full-service influencer marketing agency for the most potential social media influencers. Similar to a traditional talent agency that represent celebrities, we represent social media influencers.

We manage the relationships between brands and influencers, while helping influencers grow their reach and content. We take care of business, allowing influencers to concentrate on the most important thing, creating interesting content for their followers. 

Cotton Clout works as a connector between brands and influencers, ensuring the most successful collaborations between the best match influencers and brands. We build high performing campaigns for brands to engage with their target audiences through influential storytellers on social media. We help both parties unleash the full potential of influencer marketing.

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What We Offer for Influencers


Cotton Clout Influencers have a full time professional, social media representation that works for their best interest 24/7. 

We connect you with top brands, with whom you can make profitable collaborations, whilst you always remain completely in control of who you work with and how you post. 

Contract Negotiation

Dealing with brands is a time consuming process. We not only offer you collaboration opportunities, but take care of incoming enquires and negotiate the best deals. 

We make sure the relationships between influencers and brands are mutually beneficial and fosters long term success.  


We help you in content creation, to grow your reach, and provide guidance on your path to a more successful social media career. 

You can focus on creating engaging content to your followers, we'll take care of the rest!

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